, Jenny decided that there would be ample time later to admire her lovers assets, and gently massaging one of the breasts with one hand, she lowered her head down and took the unoccupied breast's nipple into her mouth." />


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He will face many challenges as he battles gym leaders, faces rivals, and bangs nearly everything with a heartbeat. Not for those under If you have any problems with any of this, please leave now. Any flames or negative comments will be ignored. Speaking of Ash, we find him walking along Route Walking next to him was the lovely Misty Waterflower, the girl that Ash had offered shelter from the rain, and ended up fucking her brains out until the end of the night. As the three of them ate happily, Misty and Ash talked about the previous night. Ash learned that while she was not a virgin, Misty had only ever slept with one guy before him, and Ash was by far bigger. She claimed that she wanted to travel with Ash, feeling that they would both enjoy each other's company much more after the previous night. Ash happily accepted Misty offer and the two of them, along with Pikachu, agreed to travel together.

Nurse Joy smiled and waved as the last trainer of the day walked out of the pokemon center, as the glass door closed behind the now vague figure who was quickly swallowed up by the darkness, Joy let out a small and delicate sigh. Today had been slightly more hectic than most days, with the pace slowing down in the late afternoon, and the final trainer just now leaving at nearly 10 p. Yet as Joy moved to lock the front door of the pokemon center, she reflected on the fact that despite the copious amounts of work she had done today she still felt … well, the best way to describe it would be bored. She wasn't sure when she had started to feel this way, but the sensation had been growing ever stronger in her for at least several weeks. While she took much delight in helping cure damaged or sick pokemon, Nurse Joy had begun to feel that maybe that was not enough to fully occupy her. After all, her job mostly entailed placing the pokemon in the healing bays or for the more severe injuries taking them out and attending to their wounds personally. Really the hardest part of her job was calming distraught trainers. Thus she had long ago ceased being mentally challenged by her job, and while she knew that she would always want to care for sick pokemon, she had begun to wonder what other challenges life had to offer her. As she mulled over her personal dilemma Nurse Joy made one last round of her pokemon center, none of the pokemon that had come in today had severe enough injuries to warrant their staying overnight, so all of the examination and healing rooms where empty and pristine, her Chansey always was meticulous in insuring the cleanliness of their center. Of course Chansey usually had little else to do but clean, but that was neither here nor there.

Both games were developed by Game Freak, and later published by Nintendo. The games were an instant success, spawning a wide variety of sequel games, movies, toys, and its own animated television series that has aired over episodes and counting. With all that content and popularity, it's no surprise that controversy would arise somewhere along the line.

A multitude of episodes were not aired, or suffered a delayed release due to what some might consider to be inappropriate content. It isn't just the television series that caught the attention of parents around the world. Certain trading card art as well as in-game content was ultimately deemed to be too risky for young viewers, and was later changed to fit a more age appropriate audience.

The manga too takes a much more adult turn, allowing for a large amount of violent incidences and some just plain eerie ones. He proceeds to explain to the gang that they are only permitted to use Safari Balls and a fishing rod while in the Safari Zone, and again mades his point by aiming his gun at Ash. While guns have been permitted in episodes in the past, they were never directly pointed at a character. This appears to be the critical difference in whether the episode was eligible for a worldwide showing.

It isn't hard to see why the episode never left Asia, and it's honestly surprising that it was even aired at all. Even if it wasn't a show intended for kids, the situation at hand hardly called for pointing a gun at a group of year-old kids. There are so many things wrong with this. They are said to be a delicacy that is both nutritious, and delicious. In the beginning of the game, SlowpokeTail is so expensive that players literally can't hold enough money to afford it, but the price is later lowered to a more reasonable PokeDollars.

The only reason SlowpokeTail is even an important item to begin with is due to Team Rocket's obsession with it. They invade Azalea Town to lock down the Slowpoke Well, and naturally rob the Slowpoke of their precious tails. While the episode itself wasn't banned, certain parts of the show didn't make it past Japan, and with good reason. It isn't long after meeting Ranger Jenny that the gang runs into Team Rocket trying to capture a group of wild Kangaskhan, and inadvertently a young boy named Tommy living in a Kangaskhan's pouch.

The young Tarzan wannabe at one point stares directly at her breasts and even asks if he can "suck on them". The Celadon City old man should be a fun piece of nostalgia! The city is full of fun places to spend money with its department store and Game Corner, but the main attraction is the Celadon City Gym run by leader Erika.

If talked to, the old man will say something perverted like "Heheh! This gym is great! It's full of women! It's full of strong trainers! This comes across as big concept for kids to get a grip on. In later generations, the tower was converted to the Lavender Town Radio Tower, which is a much less depressing site for kids to explore. It isn't long before Ash is interrupted during his attempt to catch a Weedle by a boy calling himself a samurai, and an intense battle erupts between the trainers and their two Metapods. Ash and the samurai stare intently at each other as they command their Metapods to harden to the best of their ability, until out of nowhere a swarm of Beedrill interrupts the all to intense showdown.

Unfortunately, eagerly awaiting fans never got an answer to the question of which trainer's Metapod was truly the hardest. The Psyduck isn't alone either. Soon after a blaze bursts out from the mist as a possessed Blue and his Charmeleon set out to attack Red. It's pretty disturbing to see an innocent little Psyduck with its eyeball drooping out of its head. Ash and Misty spent every day together on their adventures through Kanto and Johto, so it's no real surprise that Ash would naturally have the urge to check Misty out from time to time.

The animators snuck a quick scene where Misty is walking by and Ash finds himself sneaking a peek at her butt as she passes him. The incident takes place in episode five, where the Ash and the gang find themselves in Pewter City confronted by a strange man named Flint, who ultimately turns out to be Brock's deadbeat dad.

Together Ash and Flint proceed to train Pikachu in hopes that he will be able to defeat Brock, and claim his first gym badge. This is the first of many occurrences where Ash is babied and is given a gym badge by Brock, despite the fact that he wasn't able to win the battle. The most memorable of the hot springs bathing scenes was in episode 58 when Ash, Misty, and Brock were bathing in a hot spring on Cinnabar Island contemplating a riddle left to them by gym leader Blane. A curious Togepi hops onto a Gyarados statue supplying water to the hot spring.

Suddenly, the surrounding rock formation begins to collapse and break the fence separating Ash and Brock, from Misty and Togepi. Misty immediately begins to blush and the entire gang beings to scream in what is presumed to be embarrassment.

The manga seems to take the opportunity to live out a more "adult" version of what the original series could have been. For the sake of the kids, let's be glad that things turned the way they did in the anime. The show has turned it into a running gag that occurs almost every single episode, and sadly enough Ash, Misty, and Brock can never tell what Team Rocket is up to until the end of the episode. For reasons unknown, the pair's costumes often involve a gender role-reversal that has perplexed fans for years.

James, in particular, seems to go out of his way to choose borderline inappropriate disguises, and one time even went as far as to set himself up with inflatable breasts in order to beat Misty in a swimsuit competition. While the outfits may be silly, they typically have something to do with events directly linked to each episode's main plot.

It isn't long after Brock joins Ash on his journey that his lecherous personality is revealed during their multiple encounters with Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny. While each town's local nurses and police tend to be Brock's favorite, that doesn't mean he isn't ready to flirt with every pretty lady that walks by. Brock is regarded as one of the most mature, intelligent characters on the show, as well as one of the most liked by fans, despite his desperate need for female companionship.

His quest for love has been met on multiple occasions with rejection and disappointment, but never stops him from trying. Members of the gang typically get frustrated with his behavior, especially Misty and Max. The anime isn't the only part of the franchise subject to criticism. The most popular of all the trading card game's art is easily the "Misty's Tears" card, and its art featuring a fully nude Misty holding her Staryu and crying. The card's art was changed entirely for its American release with the new art simply showing a crying Misty's face and a Squirtle wiping her tears away.

Misty's Tears isn't the only card to be changed for American release. A Grimer card featuring what appeared to be a lecherous Grimer peeping up the skirt of a girl passing by had the direction of his gaze changed before the card was cleared for the states. Ash and the gang are enjoying a well deserved vacation at the Porta Vista resort when they realize they have absolutely no way to pay for their stay. Now in debt to a local old man, the gang decides the only way to come up with the money is to enter Misty in a local swimsuit competition.

Everything about this episode is full of hidden innuendos. Everyone is absolutely stunned by the bikini-sporting Misty, typically showing it by blushing. The episode takes a turn for the bizarre when Team Rocket decides to enter the competition with James sporting a set of inflatable breasts in hopes to beat out Misty and win the prize money, but ultimately the episode comes to and end with Ash's mom of all people winning the contest.

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